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Arch 653: Project 2

Objective:  My building’s façade is patterned with curtain panels with circular perforations. I would like to have the individual curtain panel color and perforation size both change as a function of their orientation with the changing sun. 
Process: In order to accomplish this objective, a global instance parameter for radius had to be created and driven. The perforation on the curtain panel was assigned the global instance parameter for radius, however, these instance parameters could not be altered in the project space. To circumvent this problem, the individual curtain panels had to be recreated in dynamo and loaded back into the project. In order to do this, the locations of the original curtain panels were extracted from the model using Dynamo, and then recorded into excel. A second Dynamo program extracted the locations from excel, recreated the panels, and altered the individual curtain panel openings and color as a function of their orientation towards the sun. For a better …
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ARCH 653: Project 1

Parametric Modeling of The Danish Pavilion at EXPO 2010 Figure 1: The Danish Pavilion at Shanghai Expo 2010 (Iwan Baan,
Location: Shanghai, China Architect: BIG: Bjarke Ingels Group Structural Engineering: ARUP Dimensions: 39' high, 164' across
The Danish pavilion at the EXPO 2010 lets visitors experience Denmark's attractions and city life themselves. Visitors can experience the city bike, the harbor bath, playground settings, and a picnic on the roof garden. The pavilion is designed in a loop created by the motion of city bikes and pedestrians tied in a knot. over 300 free city bikes are located on the roof, offering visitors the opportunity to re-visit the building's exhibitions by bike on the outdoor cycle path. 
Design Intent: To create a parametric model of the pavilion that allows various dimensions to be changed without distorting the façade's even pattern. In order for this to be accomplished, …